About us


Tower-jumping Jonathan Ventzke made it to local fame and glory, now nothing stands in the way of the hedonistic Leninist. Those who used to advise his mother "the boy needs to get some fresh air" now send daughters and sons to safety when the steely Adonis cycles around the block. Whether behind the bar, on stage or in front of Eastern European motorway potholes - Jonathan overcomes any obstacles. He has been Saxony's greatest treasure since the heist in the Green Vault in Dresden.

Jonas Andreae is the team's rascal and organisational talent. He switches gears faster than Juri and combines almost all Swabian virtues: polite, punctual and hard-working, just not quite as thrifty. Jonas knows Louis' and Jonathan's calendars better than they do and doesn't shy away from any press enquiry. While others played Fifa as a child, Jonas played PowerPoint and Word. He cuts films better than Udo Walz cuts hair and looks good doing it.

The motivated part-time student and East German by choice likes to ride through roundabouts in third gear. Crêpes, tomato sauce and rolling cigarettes while riding his bike hands-free are among the secret talents of this working-class kid. At 25, Louis brings the necessary life and crisis experience for this journey, plus he's the only one who can change a tyre. Soul mate to Hugh Hefner and Gordon Ramsey, with more luck than Gladstone Gander and more sex appeal than a young Joe Biden - Louis Bange is a good choice in every respect.

Hard as Krupp steel and with the sound of a six-ton tractor, the '93 Ford Fiesta has been chugging through Germany and the world for almost thirty years. After the equivalent of three and a half circumnavigations of the earth, the car has something ahead of even its namesake: Yuri Gagarin only made it around the planet once in 1961. After a grandmother from Halle and a Russian guest worker living in Bierweg in Gräfentonna, Juri found his way to Louis and Jonathan via Ebay and the exchange of €700 in cash. Since then, he has been traveling through Europe with the three of us - from Bulgaria to Portugal, Barcelona to Flensburg.