in ford we trust

A pandemic, half-finished bachelor's degrees (but they will be finished really soon, mom, we promise) and then in love with 45 horsepower from '93. A, in car enthusiast-circles known as a lucky shot, 700€ small ebay acquisition in red. In this emotional mix only one thing gives hold - IN FORD WE TRUST - no matter whether Bosnia, Spain or Wernigerode.

While the world puts in a badly aged tape, which was already unpopular in the eighties, with abortion prohibition in the USA, an apparent new edition of the cold war, inner-European border controls and train tickets for 9€, we also decided to hop into the time machine. Together with a Ford from Halle that is older than its drivers. We start from Spain and leave French and Italian tourist beaches behind us. We take the ferry overnight to Greece, burn our mouths on  gyros during a short stop, and continue towards Istanbul. Here waits longingly Jonathan, who can not wait because of euphoric lack of sleep (thanks EU).  A bit of classic tourist program, then further east (Always). At least to Gaziantep. Maybe to Georgia, let's see. Dear former guardians, don't worry, Juri says he can handle it.

At all, the prejudice number one of family, friends and absolute strangers: This Fiesta of a car, will never make it. The Spanish mechanic, who ripped us off just before departure, said other wise: "todo bien!“; all is well. Hope. Our Fiesta, affectionately named Juri, after space pioneer and Erfurt ring road hero Juri Gagarin, has already done quite a bit. Just like its namesake, it has already toured the world, circumnavigated Hungarian lakes and taken us to the last bratwurst before America. Flensburg, the Black Forest, Berlin - Juri also knows his way around the German autobahn network and doesn't even need a speed limit, because at 130 km/h the steering wheel virtually wriggles out of its holder by itself. Even good e-fuel from Chile wouldn't help. Take that, Ulf Poschardt.

"Supernatural, supranational love, UNITED STATES OF EUROPE." Brutzeleuropäer Jan Böhmermann sang it two years ago. But Europe, we all know, is a complicated thing. Sincerely convinced, mostly Western European academics, dutifully and patriotically put on the bright blue Europe sweater every four years. Then they collectively wait until the "Götterfunken" finally jumps over. With war in the East, a 'difficult' ex in the West, the conflict in between is the new normal. Nix with United States of Europe! In general, we always know too little, about Europe, the dispute and its reasons. With a filled up tank of cooling water and a just so green eco-badge, we now open the fight against this lack of knowledge and dare more Europe! In the spirit of friendship between nations, we drive off until someone convinces us otherwise.

Having studied International Relations, we set out in search of the answer to the evergreen question of whether, from a poststructuralist perspective, the European narrative holds up in times of chronically overloaded supply and blockchains. Or for the non-academics - wtf are "international relation" and is that still reality or can we stop talking about it?

On we want to talk about what we experience, who we meet, how we get along and where to find the best kebab in Turkey – stylistically between The Grand Tour and Kafka. With images, audio and video, maybe sometimes ironically serious, tendency probably rather silly - we take on a lot and at the same time nothing at all. We may end up publishing an 800-page book or shutting down our YouTube account with 12 clicks. Anyway, we are happy if you read along.

The traveling crew wishes many greetings to Meißen and the rest of the world. See you soon, good kick and friendship.